The Brooklyn Paper visited me at home to discuss If We Lived Here and the launch event at Greenlight Bookstore in this article.
If We Lived Here is a brisk and insightful look at the complications of cohabitation.” —Harper’s Bazaar, in “#thelist: 12 books to love this spring.” 
Metro names If We Lived Here its weekend reading pick here.
“IF WE LIVED HERE, cleverly explores the highs and lows (mostly lows) of apartment hunting in New York City.” The Huffington Post‘s interview with me about New York City as character.
From FIRST for Women's "The 6 paperbacks we're reading now"

From FIRST for Women’s “The 6 paperbacks we’re reading now”

In “New York Authors to explore ‘The City’ as a character in storytelling,” Literary Manhattan calls If We Lived Here “a prototypical New York tale in its whirlwind of tiny problems culminating in one big catastrophe.”
“[If We Lived Here] had all the warmth of a cozy blanket in front of the fire. Delightful!” says Chick Lit Central. Read the full review here.
Check out my “Book Notes” playlist to accompany If We Lived Here on Largehearted Boy–then stream all the songs on Spotify!
I penned “9 Struggles Every Couple Searching for a Place Together Can Related to” for Women’s Health, based on my extensive knowledge from personal experience and from writing If We Lived Here.
I wrote “A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts” for The Billfoldmuch of whose content was fodder for If We Lived Here.
In an interview with me about If We Lived Here, Writer’s Bone says, “Anyone who has been through a quarter-life crisis, stepped inside of an Ikea, or has Netflixed episodes of HGTV’s “House Hunters” will certainly find the characters’ experiences relatable and entertaining.”
“That’s what If We Lived Here is about. Changing times. Adapting. Figuring things out along the way. Making it work. Living life.” –an intro to my post on capturing age 30 in fiction for Women’s Fiction Writers.
“A witty and relatable read.” —Liz and Lisa’s Book Club‘s Best Books of the Month column.
If We Lived Here is the sweet, surprising story of a couple forced to weather all sorts of storms as they try to build a life together. The trials faced by Emma and Nick will be relatable to anyone who has ever taken a chance on love—with all its complications.” —Sarah Pekkanen, best-selling author of Catching Air

If We Lived Here is a vivid depiction of both the claustrophobia and the potential of love and real estate. It’s a heartfelt exploration of what makes a home, and a funny, engaging chronicle of the growing pains of adult life.” —Jen Doll, author of Save the Date


“Filled with juicy gossip and outrageous office politics…a dishy, catty book, that’s… an indulgent roll in the mud. Palmer writes this side of womanhood brilliantly.” – Publishers Weekly. Read the full review here.

“A lighthearted gambol through the ever-changing world of women’s magazine publishing, former magazine editor Palmer’s debut contains the authenticity of experience and the salacious story snippets fans of The Devil Wears Prada (2003) will appreciate… With different chapters devoted to different POVs, the politics of the magazine industry find full display in this deliciously delectable read.” —Booklist

Star Magazine puts Pretty in Ink on its Hot Sheet!

Star Magazine puts PRETTY IN INK on its Hot Sheet!

“Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of a different character on staff, turning the world of women’s magazines into the real main character of the book.” —Women’s Health, which has generously chosen Pretty in Ink as this month’s “60-Second Book Club” pick.

“[Pretty in Ink] is a 360 degree view of what it’s really like to work at a glossy,” says Metro in this article.

“This scrumptious, campy look at the world of magazine publishing will keep you hooked until its delightfully satisfying conclusion. It’s as light and fun as cotton candy and just as sweet; you will savor every bite until it’s gone,” says Shelf Awareness in this starred review

“Joining the growing corpus of odes to and satires of the magazine world, Lindsey Palmer’s debut novel, Pretty in Ink, details the inner workings of Hers magazine, a fictionalized composite of the author’s memories from her time at Redbook, Glamour, and Self.” —Harper’s Bazaar. Check out the rest of the article, in which I fact-check the magazine industry, here.

“Pretty in Ink is… about navigating the pitfalls of life while staying optimistic about the future. This is the perfect book to take to the beach and Palmer is definitely an author to watch.” —an interview with Huffington Post Books

Read The Brooklyn Paper‘s article, “Not all Glamour: Former women’s magazine editor pens dishy novel,” and see a photo of me sitting on my front stoop!

"Laugh-out-loud funny and smart," says First for Women magazine of PRETTY IN INK.

“Laugh-out-loud funny and smart,” says First for Women magazine of PRETTY IN INK.

I wrote a story for Parade based on Pretty in Ink called, “4 ways to wow a new boss (plus 5 things not to do!)”

“Quite captivating… If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the gleaming smiles and glossy covers of newsstand magazines, you won’t want to miss this novel!” —Chick Lit Central. Read the full review here. Chick Lit Central also names Pretty in Ink one of its favorite books of 2014!

Women’s Fiction Writers interviews me about my favorite and most difficult scenes to write, plus my feelings about the term “women’s fiction.”

In this interview with Novelicious, I gush about favorite novelists Mona Simpson, Maria Semple, Emma Straub, and Jessica Anya Blau, plus

In this interview with Book Dumpling, I share my favorite places to read books and buy books and get book recommendations, and why we won’t be reading Pretty in Ink in my English classes:

I wrote an article for Women’s Fiction Writers called “Why I Set my Novel at a Women’s Magazine (even after The Devil Wears Prada).”

My neighborhood quarterly, The Park Slope Reader, ran a great in-depth interview with me about writing, switching careers, and more.

My neighborhood quarterly, The Park Slope Reader, ran a great in-depth interview with me about writing, switching careers, and more.

In my guest post for She Reads Book Club, I explore the issue of “Why We Love to Hate Women’s Magazines.”

The Writer’s Bone interviews me about writing, reading, and teaching here.

“This book has… drama, romance, and such strong character development. It was so easy to connect to many of these characters because of the intimate first person point of view that was being used. I would love to see this book become a movie. I was reminded of The Devil Wears Prada, except this was so much better!” —Dwell in Possibility Books’ “5 cupcake” review

“This delightful read offers something rare: a debut novel with an authoritative sense of fun that offers substance and delivers an emotional punch.” —Book Dumpling. Read the full review here. 

PureWow names Pretty in Ink as one of its 30 Summer Essentials!

“Palmer writes this workplace drama with a light touch and humorous perspective.” —a strong review from blog Just Too Many Books.

In response to the many students who have asked whether we’ll be studying Pretty in Ink in their classes, I wrote a satirical unit plan in The Toast, to be taught be a very self-involved and narcissistic “Ms. Palmer.”

The Park Slope Reader wrote a profile of me about publishing, teaching, and Brooklyn called “From Masthead to Head of the Class.

The Bookbinder Blog calls Pretty in Ink a “perfectly crafted and so vividly depicted debut” in this sweet review.

My college alumni magazine, The Pennsylvania Gazette, covers Pretty in Ink.

Pretty in Ink is a lively romp through the halls of a spot-on believable contemporary women’s magazine. Lindsey Palmer’s hilarious observations are grounded by an inside-baseball understanding of this antic universe. The novel offers sharp commentary on the importance of balancing work and real life. Bottom line: it ain’t easy.” —Sally Koslow, former editor-in-chief of McCall’s Magazine, and author of The Widow Walk and The Late Lamented Molly Marx

Pretty in Ink is an essential novel–a glimpse at the magazine industry in the failing economy. Palmer writes a page-turner with clean, clear prose and fresh characters–a debut so engaging, so sensitive, and so much fun, I wanted to hang out with the women of Hers Magazine long after I’d turned the last page.” —Diana Spechler, author of Skinny and Who by Fire

“Lindsey Palmer uses her real-life experience to create a tantalizing behind-the-scenes look at the humor and horror of modern-day magazine publishing. Pretty in Ink is part comic love letter and part bloody valentine.”—Devan Sipher, New York Times “Vows” columnist and author of The Wedding Beat

“This entertaining debut exposes the catty, crazy and competitive inner workings of women’s magazines. A former editor herself, Palmer explores this rarefied workplace and the women struggling to rise to the top—or just hold onto their jobs. A fun, fantastic read.” —Jennifer Miller, author of The Year of the Gadfly

Stay tuned for more!


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