Pretty in Ink

Pretty in Ink-1“Filled with juicy gossip and outrageous office politics…a dishy, catty book, that’s… an indulgent roll in the mud. Palmer writes this side of womanhood brilliantly.” – Publishers Weekly

“A lighthearted gambol through the ever-changing world of women’s magazine publishing, former magazine editor Palmer’s debut contains the authenticity of experience and the salacious story snippets fans of The Devil Wears Prada (2003) will appreciate… With different chapters devoted to different POVs, the politics of the magazine industry find full display in this deliciously delectable read.” —Booklist

Order PRETTY IN INK at IndieBound, on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Target (which has named me to its Emerging Author program), or from my favorite local book shop, Greenlight Bookstore.

PRETTY IN INK is a sharp fictional satire of the cutthroat, high-profile world of women’s magazines set in the era of its decline, as the recession rages on, the Internet continues to cannibalize business, and even the biggest titles are at risk of folding. 

The staff of Hers magazine is in for a shock: After months of flagging sales and the increasing ire of the VIPs in the corporate suite, the magazine’s beloved Editor in Chief gets the pink slip, and a notoriously tough editor swoops in to fill the publication’s top spot… and then the massacre begins. The new boss has big plans to overhaul the magazine—to infuse its pages with more celebs, scandal, and smut—and it’s no secret that she plans to overhaul Hers’ staff, too.

The drama of PRETTY IN INK unfolds over the course of one very heated summer, in chapters narrated by a range of distinct voices: a well-respected executive editor who’s also the mom of triplets, a photo editor secretly dating her boss, a backstabbing web manager gunning for a promotion, a beauty editor gaming the system for her own private ends, a new assistant beloved by the boss and pitied by everyone else, among others. As the Hers staffers battle it out to hang onto their jobs, all their fears and anxieties, their hopes and vulnerabilities play out on the stage of the Hers workplace. They gossip and betray, and then occasionally surprise themselves and each other with an act of tender grace. By Labor Day, not only has the masthead of Hers changed dramatically, so have the staffers whose names appear there.

Read a sneak peek of Chapter 1 here!

PRETTY IN INK is now available in Japanese here! Check out the cover, which I love:


Order PRETTY IN INK at IndieBound, on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Target (which has named me to its Emerging Author program), or from my favorite local book shop, Greenlight Bookstore. For updates on PRETTY AND INK and other writerly stuff, please fan me on Facebook or follow me @lindseyjpalmer on Twitter.


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